20ft Expandable Container Home

$28800 plus GST
Size: 6.3m X 5.85m

40ft Expandable Container Home

$52950 plus GST

Size: 6.3m X 11.85m

The Trailer

Comes in Different Models

The Studio

$19900 plus GST

Size: 2.25m X 5.850

40ft Solid Container Home

$43950 Plus GST
Size: 2.25m X 11.85m

El Primo

$69900 plus GST
Size: 2.25m X 11.85m
         2.25m X 7m

The Ensuite Toilet

$8950 plus GST
Size: 1.5m X 2.25m

The Office

For Only $7800 plus GST

Size: 5.8m x 2.5m

20ft The Hurricane

$35950 plus GST
Size: 6.3m X 5.85m

The Canteen

$29800 plus GST
Size: 2.25m X 5.85m

20ft The Pod

$34900 plus GST
2.2m X 5.8m

The Bubble

$11800 plus gst
4m X 4m

Total area is 12.5 m

Slide Out Container Home

$29900 plus GST

Size: 4m × 5.85m

One Side Fold Out Container

$22950 plus GST
4.1m X 5.85m

Ready Homes Expandable containers

Who are we?

Ready Homes Pty Ltd is 100% Australian owned and operated company and most importantly - YES - we have a display village at 30 Fullarton Drive Epping Vic 3076. When you purchase from us you know exactly what you are getting, you can choose everything from the house colour, to flooring styles and colours.

All of our homes can be mounted on trailers, from the smallest to the largest.All of our homes listed on our website come complete with kitchen, sink, shower, toilet, vanity, mirrors, caesor stone bench top, double glazed windows, fly screen on every window, fully wired electrical come with  electrical safety switch board, 50mm EPS panels, LED dish lights, power point with usb ports, cement sheet 18mm thickness sub floor, the plumbing and sanitary ware are installed and connected in factory, very strong galvanised steel structure, etc.

What you see in our display homes is what you get - no hidden fees or port charges, no games. We make great products and we intend to do business for a very long time.

What our competitors call extra we call standard, our expandable container homes are built strong and sturdy, they weigh 3.7 tons, unlike some lookalike homes on the net that weigh 2.7 tons and leak and give expandable container homes a bad name.

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Need Finance to Purchase One of our Homes?

Ready Homes bring you the opportunity to get your brand new expandable container home on finance, through our parternship with HandyPay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your house prices include council permits?
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Every council in Australia has different rules and regulations, we do not get you council permits Nor do we apply for a permit on your behalf. We recommend you contact your council first and clarify what’s needed.

Is the transport included in the price?
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No, we sell these houses to Alice springs and all over Australia. Delivery is available but due to diesel prices jobs are quoted on weekly bases.

Please check with us for our nearest reseller.

Do you install these houses on site?
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Our solid container homes don’t need installation. Our expandable container houses are very easy to install and sold all over Australia. We can not physically send a crew to those locations to install them. Any person who basically know how to use a battery powered hand drill can install it. We will also provide you with a 25 minutes instructional video on how to install it.

Is your pluming  and electrical Australian standard?
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All of our houses electrical wiring, power points and light switches come double poled.  

Can I arrange transport for my own house?
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Of course you can, you can bring your own truck and pick it up from our yard.

Is a licensed builder required for the house installation?
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No, any handyman can do it.  We provide a 50 minutes instructional video with every purchase.

What site preparations needed to put one of your houses on?
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We recommend putting them on besser blocks if the ground is levelled and not highly reactive. Otherwise you might consider putting them on stumps or slabs.

Do you have any stock ready to go?
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Please check with us, most of the time we do.

Where is your display centre?
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We are located at 30 fullarton drive Epping Victoria Appointment is essential.

How much are your trailers?
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All of homes go on trailers.  We makes 20ft and 40ft trailers. For prices please check the Trailer section at our website.

Do you arrange electrical and plumbing connection to the home?
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No we don’t, the electricity connects via a caravan plug or you can hardwire it. The plumbing needs a plumber to hook it up the sewerage and the water supply.

Can you supply composting toilet, solar panels, hot water system or a split system aircon?
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Not at this stage. Even if we did, you are better off doing it your self. Because if we were to do it, we contract a third party and then put our margin on top.


Very happy with the purchase, the house came as the display we saw at Epping, even got couple of upgrades for free. Will recommend.
The service was great and professional from the word go, even after the installation of the house, all questions were answered promptly same as before purchase, I have sent you a couple of my mates who are also interested.

I can not thank you enough, my house looks so good overlooking the Murray river up on the hill. It’s the talk of the town. Although It came a bit late which is understandable with Covid, but was worth the wait.

Thank you so much for my beautiful home. My first night in it felt like I was staying at a hotel. Will recommend you to friends and family.

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